um,why and how do you like ASMR?

by zhiuanlv posted Jan 10, 2017


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For me,I feel it's amazing and unbelievable!I have a lot of hobbies since I was a kid,I love puzzles,I'm interested in so many things,I love the feelings to find out new things or thoughts and being surprised.But with I get more and more knowledge,it's getting hard to have those feelings.When I knew ASMR,I was really shocked.How could something seems normal but be so special?Besides,why I didn't find that out myself before?And,how should I didn't know this amazing thing from others before(sort of upset about this XD)?And,why someone feels nothing about it?

When I listen to ASMR,I feel very relax and peaceful and safe sometimes(it's weird why I don't feel noisy XD),and sometimes I get tingles and feel really comfortable.

It's said that different people have different feelings about ASMR,so I wonder what do you guys feel about that XD

Who's zhiuanlv

WOW I didn't notice this part before! I love PPOMO very much! I major in physics,I'm interested in puzzles and logic. I love movies,music,art,food,adventure,exercise,novels,science and video games. I hate censorship,dictators,philosophy,chicanery,selfish or mindless people. I'm interested in and willing to understand nearly everything!


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