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Customizing Phones!

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On one of the tech forums I used to go on, people used to post pictures of their customized phone.


If it was fully customized, or if it was just simple with a nice wallpaper, it didn't matter. We just liked sharing :)


So maybe I will start a topic! :D


Here is my phone homescreen:

You may notice that it looks very old-school. I like it this way, and went out of my way to make it look like this x3

Some may not agree, but I think 80's concept tech looked the best x33

(But it does actually look pretty cool)

It has a notification area, for regular notifications and for custom notifications (Like if an alarm is coming up soon, or if my battery is less than 15%, and when it is calculated to die)


Some advanced statistics if I click on one of the meters, This one is wifi, and has some useful information if I'm doing some network testing.


Music player if I swipe left, as simple as can be.


If I swipe right, its my alarm and calender stuff, with my current phone number on the bottom. I like to call this the "business section".


Lock screen, has some info that I check frequently so I don't need to unlock my phone every time I need to check.


So that was my phone! Simple, but useful.


I look forward to seeing everyone else's phones! Hopefully there's some more artsy ones, or some nice wallpapers :3

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    검은큐브 2016.12.14 01:30
    wow..that is operated..? or just wallpapers?
    Either is great!!
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    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 01:45
    It is actually operated, as in it functions and you can click on everything, if that's what you mean.

    Since it's Android and rooting causes problems on my Nexus, I use an app that lets you code stuff like your home pages. It's a really neat concept!

    All I did was tear out the original home page software Google gives, and replace it with that! (Of course, this took me 24~ hours because coding on a phone is hard, and it gives you NOTHING to start of course x3)
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    zhiuanlv 2016.12.14 01:51
    You're really a good programmer!! It's not easy to meet someone as good as you,not most of my schoolmates at least...
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    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 01:53
    Well the issue is I'm really good at programming, but I'm really bad at everything else, or at least my grades are x3
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    zhiuanlv 2016.12.14 02:02
    You know what?I think your grades don't matter at all!!What are they asking for?In fact, your major is the most important thing.I can see that you have passion about programming,and you have uncommon experience,those things are even more precious! Definitely,I've never met this before
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    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 02:09
    Ah, my major was business but I did failed in all my classes xD

    I'm now desperately trying to get a second chance to get into computer science again, because I couldn't get in last time (bad math grades, I understand it but I make many mistakes or don't read the question all the way)

    If only I could get a job in computers without university *w*~
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    zhiuanlv 2016.12.14 02:20
    So you never learn those things in university??WOW YOU ARE GENIUS!!
    But I have to say,good habits about thinking and math are even more important!!You can't learn anything well without practice,just like programming,you can't handle it just by understanding it.
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    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 02:55
    Haha, thank you, it's not that impressive though x3

    And yes, I agree with that!
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    검은큐브 2016.12.14 01:57
    hmm.. It's very difficult! ( my eyes dizzy > @_@ )
    you're so great!!
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    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 02:04
    Ah, like many things it's not difficult, it's getting started.
    시작이 반이다 :)
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    zhiuanlv 2016.12.14 02:10
    where did you learn that??!!
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    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 02:18
    Learn what? The coding? I'm not the best example, I taught myself since I was 9 xD

    (Whenever people ask how I know this I just say "I don't know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" xD)

    I think there are some good places to start if you're a beginner, like codeacademy.com (but it's in English :/)
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    zhiuanlv 2016.12.14 02:26
    I mean Korean......It seems that you know a lot about Korean...
    I think you have gift about programming,you should treasure it.Studying in university helps a lot,trust me!!You need to study in a university!!You will have the chance to be one of the best there
  • profile
    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 02:59
    Ah, I do not know Korean, check my response to your comment in "ppomo defense matrix" x3

    I have no doubt that university helps. It really will, but getting into university is the hard part xD

    I think once I am in it will be easier, and I will have a wonderful time learning. But I need good marks on physics and math, which I am trying to change now xD
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    zhiuanlv 2016.12.14 04:01
    Good luck!!You can make it!
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    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 04:03
    Thank you :3
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    zhiuanlv 2016.12.14 01:36
    cool! Maybe hackers like this mostly,looks like Matrix.Personally,I prefer styles like Iron Man. XD
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    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 01:47
    I used to like styles like Iron Man, and I still do. But to make something that REALLY looks good and ISN'T gimmicky (isn't pointlessly complicated) is hard.
    Especially with the limitations of operating systems like Android and Windows (Maybe on Linux, but if you're on Linux you probably have different things to do than making it pretty xD)
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    zhiuanlv 2016.12.14 01:55
    yeah...People who do those things always have a team.After all,it's science fiction,you can't just do something like that in one day
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    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 02:05
    Also, screens have very little space, Iron Man had holograms in his huge garage xD
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    zhiuanlv 2016.12.14 02:08
    You can never make that with our normal phones.You need Nvidia 2080ti!!
  • profile
    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 02:09
    Haha yes XD
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    울피(Wolfie) 2016.12.14 04:08
    Oh, I truly admire you and your aesthetic taste!
    I am also an old-school guy in many ways. :)
  • profile
    ZikkioX 2016.12.14 04:15
    Ah, thank you! :3

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