2016.12.12 17:07

Zikkio's hobbies and skills!

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Hello everyone! I guess I'll start off this hobby board by saying a bit about my hobbies (though I think you can post progress and interesting results)!

I'm a coder, and I've been learning since I was 9, technology just was really cool for me (When I was 4 I took apart a computer mouse because I thought the red light looked pretty x3)

Over the years, I've made:

A.I. (like Microsoft Cortana but mostly text, voice was hard to process well in 2009 xD)


Game servers

Web servers

Backend servers (I did DDoS protection for a credit union {like a bank})

Optimization programs

Game A.I. (For instance, a robot that plays Gomoku really well)

And a bunch of other, small stuff!


Some people may know lots of languages, but I only know English and Polish.

I do know lots of CODING languages though! :D

  • Lua
  • Python
  • Html
  • Php
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • C
  • Batch
  • Bash (Unix)
  • Java
  • JavaScript

And once you know that much, a lot of other smaller ones are VERY easy to learn, so I didn't mention them xD


I'm also able to use Photoshop, Sony Vegas and Audacity fairly well, I used to do YouTube xP


I don't have many hobbies outside a computer screen (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ x3), but I have a few. I do archery, throwing knives and fix/make mechanical stuff, from time to time.



So that's me and my hobbies! I hope to see everyone posting about theirs as well, I'm curious to see what PPOMO's many fans can do :3


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    울피(Wolfie) 2016.12.12 17:16
    Wow! Looks like you are a real pro!! :0
  • profile
    ZikkioX 2016.12.12 17:27
    More like a real person-who-has-no-life x3
  • ?
    UmbaGhumba 2016.12.12 18:06

    Wow, then no one could kill you! (awe)

  • profile
    ZikkioX 2016.12.13 00:45
    Ouch >w<' ㅋㅋ
  • profile
    검은큐브 2016.12.12 18:42
    wow......<Is astounding!(My mouth does not close!!)>
  • profile
    울피(Wolfie) 2016.12.12 19:39

    어쩌면 흑노를 새로 뽑아야 할지도... 마침 대표이미지도 검은색이고...

  • profile
    검은큐브 2016.12.12 20:43

    그러게요.. 무서운분이 들어오셨어요.. 흑노를 반납해야 하는건가요..

  • profile
    울피(Wolfie) 2016.12.12 23:24
    ㅎㅎㅎ 용기 잃지 마십시오. 검은노예님.
  • profile
    검은큐브 2016.12.12 23:27
    흑노 자리를 반납해도 저는 엄연한 감금자입니다.. (감금자는 양보 못해! 빼액-!)
  • profile
    ZikkioX 2016.12.13 01:13
    I only half-understand what you're talking about x3
  • profile
    울피(Wolfie) 2016.12.13 01:58

    검은큐브(Black Cube) is a friend who are helping PPOMO to manage site design.
    I guess he is also an IT guy.
    We call him "검은노예 or shortly, 흑노 (Dark slave)" instead of his real nickname.
    In our community, "노예(slave)" means "loyal follower of PPOMO".
    In fact, PPOMO herself calls him "검은노예". xD

    And the fact that he was officially appointed as "노예" by PPOMO makes him special;

    흑노, the IT slave! As if 흑노 were an honorable position.
    I was just teasing him because you have such great skills. :)

  • profile
    ZikkioX 2016.12.13 06:22
    Ah, I understand xD
    I saw something about icons and thought it had to do with my profile picture, I was WAY off XD
  • profile
    울피(Wolfie) 2016.12.13 06:55

    I told him that we should think about appointment of new 흑노! Conveniently, your icon is also black. xD

  • profile
    PPOMO뽀모 2016.12.12 23:20
    WOW!! You are AWESOME! XD
  • profile
    ZikkioX 2016.12.13 00:44
    :'D Thank you PPOMO, that means a lot from someone as talented as you :3
  • profile
    쥐덫 2016.12.13 00:18
    Wow.. you have amazing skills!
  • profile
    ZikkioX 2016.12.13 00:45
    Thank you, but it's really the result of me practicing the same field over and over. I can't do much else outside of that x3
  • ?
    퍼런단무지XD 2016.12.24 18:59

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